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Recalling the gas crisis twenty years ago

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Recalling the gas crisis twenty years ago, a songster has created a song timely for today: Cyril Mays release "Gas Pump Fever" goes miles toward cheering us through the high prices and long lines:
"Gas pump fever in the gas pump line
This is gas pump fever time. And it doesnt have a vaccination for your Cabinet-Style V type Condenser behind Its mighty catching and its pure hell As the pain in your wallet will plainly tell. You got gas pump fever from waiting in the gas pump line"

A down to earth singer, and songwriter, Cyril May and his musical cohort Jack McDonald make a timely statement with "Gas Pump Fever", creating lyrics we sing along to, and Jacks lilting musical arrangements providing the cheerful flavor.

Though they live half a world apart, Jack in Australia and Cyril in Southern
California, the music they make together brings all of us closer. So while youre in line, sing along to "Gas Pump Fever" and perhaps it wont feel quite so bad.

"Gas Pump Fever" is only one of the great songs on Cyril May and Jack McDonalds CD "Off The Beaten Track". Listen to samples of their tunes on the web site: , and place your order online. For more information contact via postal mail at 266 Orizaba, Long Beach, CA 90803; 562/433-0734 or email at


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